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Volume - 4 Issue - 12


Study on Evolving Extents of Employer Branding Using Employment Value Proposition in India
Avinash Pawar, Kuldip S. Charak

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Financial System Restructuring, Financial Development and Economic Growth in Nigeria
Usman, O.A., Adeyemi, A.Z

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Service Blueprint and Customer Post-Purchase Behavior of Hotels in Nigeria
Igwe Peace; Onuoha A. Onuoha

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Empirical Analysis on the Influence of Interest Rates on Foreign Direct Investment in Sierra Leone
Salamatu Fornah, Zuo Yuehua

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Financial System Development and Economic Growth in Nigeria: A Causality Test
Usman, O.A, Adeyemi, A.Z

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Environmental Input-Output Analysis Based on NAMEA Matrix
Edyta Gajos, Konrad Prandecki

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The Composite Measures of Social and Economic Welfare - The Idea of the New - Social Economic Welfare Index (N-Sewi)
Ireneusz Miciula

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