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The International Journal of Research in Business Studies and Management (IJRBSM) is a convenient plat form for contributions in research and reviews in the fields of Management and Business Studies. It aims at providing a medium of source where by both the teacher and the taught come into direct contact with each other for exchange of their unique and novel ideas leading to higher level of teaching and learning. It invites articles, papers, case studies, survey reports, technical reports, speeches, interviews and all other contributions from the authors across the globe.

IJRBSM has a mission to publish the papers of the highest quality with innovative ideas on all the subjects relating to emerging trends in both Business Studies and Management.

IJRBSM expects all the articles or papers to be original which are not published previously or submitted to any journal for the consideration for publication. All the articles or papers must adhere to the style and the ethics of the IJRBSM. All the articles or papers will be thoroughly reviewed and edited by expert reviewers and language editors before consideration for publication.

Recently Published Articles

An Understanding into the Dynamics Faced by Females as they Transition from the Corporate Sector into the Abyss of Entrepreneurship
Sooraya Ebrahim, Shamila Singh

View | Download | 1-23

Weak Form of Market Efficiency Trading Range Breakout Test on Weekly Stocks of India Markets
Prof. (Dr.) Uttam B. Sapate

View | Download | 24-29

Assaying the Impact of Firm's Growth and Performance on Earnings Management: An Empirical Observation of Indian Economy
Pranesh Debnath

View | Download | 30-40

The Impact of Data and Information in the State's Economic Planning
Dr. Samir Salahaldin Hamdi

View | Download | 41-48

Investigation into Challenges Faced by Employees in Implementing a Safety Strategy in a South African Platinum Mine
Maphsuka Tibane, L. Niemand

View | Download | 49-59

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