International Journal of Research in Business Studies and Management

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Volume - 4 Issue - 2


An Understanding into the Dynamics Faced by Females as they Transition from the Corporate Sector into the Abyss of Entrepreneurship
Sooraya Ebrahim, Shamila Singh

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Weak Form of Market Efficiency Trading Range Breakout Test on Weekly Stocks of India Markets
Prof. (Dr.) Uttam B. Sapate

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Assaying the Impact of Firm's Growth and Performance on Earnings Management: An Empirical Observation of Indian Economy
Pranesh Debnath

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The Impact of Data and Information in the State's Economic Planning
Dr. Samir Salahaldin Hamdi

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Investigation into Challenges Faced by Employees in Implementing a Safety Strategy in a South African Platinum Mine
Maphsuka Tibane, L. Niemand

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