International Journal of Research in Business Studies and Management

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Volume - 3 Issue - 12


Philosophy as a Guide to Action
Alexander N. Chumakov

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Conceptual Study on Investing: Gender based Difference
Indira C M, Dr.Gajendra Naidu

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Complaint Handling and Post-Complaint Satisfaction of Customers of Eateries in Port Harcourt, Nigeria
Ateke, Brown Walter, Kalu, Sylva Ezema

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Antecedents of Job Satisfaction. A Case of Universities in the Gauteng Province of South Africa
Chinomona, E

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Psychological Influences and Fashion Consumption Behaviour of Consumers in South East Nigeria
Agu Godswill Agu, Onuoha A. Onuoba

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Measurement of Technological Progress in China's Manufacturing Industry and Analysis on its Influencing Factors
XI Yanling

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