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Volume - 2 Issue - 11


The Impact of Accounting Information on Management's Decision-Making Process in Pharmaceutical Companies in Ghana (Case Study: Kinapharma Ltd.)
Emmanuel Opoku Ware

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Estimating Exchange Rate Volatility- Comparative Study (Evidences from Sudan)
Yassin Ibrahim Eltahir

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Liquidity Management and Its Effect on Profitability in a Tough Economy: (A Case of Companies Listed on the Ghana Stock Exchange)
Emmanuel Opoku Ware

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Impact of Banking Reforms on Service Delivery in the Nigerian Banking Sector
Andow Helen Afang

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An Intelligent Recommendation System based on Customer Segmentation
Zheng Shi, Zheng Wen, Jin Xia

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The Influence of Job Autonomy on Organizational Cynicism: The Reliability Test
Sarah Shaharruddin, Dr Fais Ahmad

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To Study the Relevance of HRD Practices in Engineering Institutions at Rayalaseema
Dr. P.Usha

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Computerised Accounting System an Effective Means of Keeping Accounting Records in Ghanaian Banks: a Case Study of the Ga Rural Bank
Emmanuel Opoku Ware

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Corporate Governance Application in Algerian Financial Sector
Dr. AHMED GAID Noureddine

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